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Testimonial from Students and Graduates

My name is Muhammad Shifa Zulfikar, usually called Fikar. I am an alumni of D3 Computer Engineering class of 2012.

 As a D3 Alumni of Computer Engineering FIT Telkom University, I learn a lot of knowledge that are applicable in the real world. The lecturers are competent in their fields. The campus facilities are ICT-based that strongly support my study. The courses that are still useful in my work now are Computer Networking, System Administrator and Network Security.

I worked as an IT Infrastructure in a private company for approximately 4 years and Thank God in 2018 I established a Startup company in the field of Cyber ​​Security namely CyberArmyID (PT Global Innovation Siber Indonesia) as Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.
Muhammad Shifa Zulfikar, class of 2012