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Description Of Program

Computer Engineering Program prepares learners (students) to be ready to work. Students will be equipped with the skills that support when these students graduate in the face of the world of work. Competence graduate of the Computer Engineering Program oriented to meet the needs that exist in society. In addition to studying on campus, a student of the Computer Engineering Program has the opportunity or experience to work in the company in the form of Job and Internship.

Computer Engineering Study Program D3 gives the material relating to the development of computer networks in an organization or company. Aside from being able to build a network, students are also provided the ability to build embedded systems hardware and software. To complement the capabilities that have been obtained, the student is also equipped with development character in professional development.

The normal study period is 6 semesters (3 years) with a maximum of 4 years. Students are required to complete 111 credits with an average of 20 credits per semester to graduate. At the end of the semester will be held 4 Work Practice in the industry for 1.5 months and 6 will be implemented in the first half for 6 months internship in the industry.