D3 Computer Technology lecturer gave a guest Lecture in Barcelona Spain

D3 Computer Technology lecturer gave a guest Lecture in Barcelona Spain

Lecturer of the D3 Computer Technology Telkom University program Mr. Setia Juli Irzal Ismail gave a guest lecture at University Autonoma Barcelona Spain. This guest lecture is part of the Staff Mobility program funded by Erasmus. The lecture was held on 14-18 May 2018. There, he was asked to deliver the following subjects:

  1. Analysis of Malware and Crytomalware for Master students and UAB Lecturers (University Autonoma Barcelona)
  2. Web Security for undergraduate students 3rd year
  3. Symmetric Cryptography for undergraduate students 2nd year.

Mr. Jul was grateful for this opportunity.  UAB is a world-class university. In UAB, various important researches were conducted, for example the one with NASA and CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research). According to him, UAB students are very enthusiastic to follow his lecture. His lecture material can be seen on following pages:





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